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About ten years ago, I began to explore how to articulate a position on war and peace.  By way of full disclosure, I came from a naval family, and grew up in a military town, but these have been the uneasy artifacts of my life.  My spiritual journey has recurrently faced me with this topic, and I wrote a short essay that began:

Do I want to live in a world where I have created a temporary space for myself by violence or revenge?

What kind of world do I want to live in?

If terrorists fight, injure, or kill in order to create their own new world order, I suspect they will harvest a special kind of hell they have created for themselves.

To wipe out my family and me from the face of the earth and to erase the memory of our names from the annals of history is a small thing – for death is not the worst thing for us. Our death is the worst thing for our executioners.

It’s not that it wouldn’t be grievous to die a terrorists’ prescribed death. It’s that the opportunity to be a positive living light would be snuffed out. However the alternative created by military force and self rationalized counter violence merely breeds contempt like a new super virus for which we have no antibody, or antidote…”

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