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I have been calling this era “the age of our massive identity confusion.” From transexual to transracial to transable, we now come upon the curious condition of a person claiming to be trans-aged. I have nothing but compassion for the confused condition of Stefonknee Wolschtt who now enters the annals of the Trans-Identity encyclopedia:

Stefonknee Wolschtt, 46, is a transgender woman who lives as a six-year-old girl YouTube, Daily Xtra

Stefonknee Wolschtt, 52, is a transgender woman who lives as a six-year-old girl. YouTube, Daily Xtra

Emma Henderson writes, “A transgender father who left her family to be a six-year-old girl says that she cannot be an adult and “uses child’s play to escape adult life”.

What are we to make of a society that can no longer discern the difference between childlike and childish?

What are we to make of the adopted family, who she says is “totally comfortable with me being a little girl”? The enabling of this trans-ager provides no insight or healing for poor Ms. Wolschtt.

The man, formerly known as a Paul Woscht but who now goes by Stefonknee, left his wife and seven children to go live as a little girl with adopted parents.

“I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child,” Woscht said in an interview with The Daily Xtra. “I don’t want to be an adult right now, and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.”

Originally, Woscht was going to live as an eight year-old, but his “sister” wanted Woscht to be the little sister, so Woscht decided to be six years old instead.

“We have a great time,” Woscht said in his naturally deep voice. “We color, we do kids stuff. It’s called play therapy. No medication, no suicide thoughts. And I just get to play.”

When asked what she hopes this will achieve, Ms Wolschtt replies, “Well, eventually I will grow up.

Not Remotely Humorous

There is nothing remotely humorous about a father leaving his wife and seven children to escape the burdens of maturity. I have neither condemnation, nor a smarmy acceptance that all this is good and right. If ever there was a time to exercise discernment, it is now!

When Ms. Wolschtt says “eventually I will grow up,” it is wishful thinking that she will get there by this pathway between the crossfire of anonymous disrespect, and of undiscerning acceptance by those who appear to be unable to exercise insight about a person who claims to be a gender he is not, and to be an age he is not.

Why This Matters:

This discussion matters because writers like Stella Morabito of “thefederlist.com” rightly notes the logic (sic) of our day.  She and the community she represents see the gaps of political expediency – not so they can provide better wisdom, but to extend this massive identity confusion further:

The Obama administration has championed special protected classes of citizens, but the government is still ignoring one deeply oppressed group: the trans-aged.

President Obama has a huge blind spot on equality and equal rights. Sure, he waxes on and on about the need for non-discrimination laws and regulations that support transgender rights—in employment, health care, education, housing, the military, and in very other facet of life.

He claims to promote other non-discrimination categories such as race, sex, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. But the president is stone-silent on the rights of the trans-aged: individuals whose age does not align with the date they were assigned at birth. Why not? The logic is the same, and it’s offensive to ignore it now that a brave 52-year-old man has recently come out as a six-year-old girl.

Is She Brave or Ignored?

Ms. Wolschtt is no more brave than she is ignored, in the same way that she is no more a woman than she is a six year old. She is a person who does not know she is; this does not make her less worthy of compassion and dignity for her personhood, but she should not be heralded as a hero.

She needs healing on so many levels, and kind wisdom that creates a safe and restorative place for that to happen. Ms. Morabito will not be able to provide that, and neither will the logic of our day (that Morabito rightly says “is the same” among the trans-identities).

What is needed in our massive identity crisis is to question the illogic of trans-identiies, and to increase the awareness of how we come to know who we are. For this, we must go to a different source than the pop culture and social media mavins of this age.

Return to the One who made us for Himself.

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