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Ahead of Easter 2020 artist @MythAddict posted this “reformatted” painting of da Vinci’s Last Supper with a Covid update.

You are invited to the table with Jesus

Jesus sitting alone?

The disciples “zooming in” from a distance.

The depiction of our times.

Social distancing has become one of the main strategies in trying to separate us from the coronavirus. Several countries employed stringent lockdowns to impose social distancing and some experts believe that the habit will become the mainstay of society as we know.

But in addition to separating us from the virus, social distancing has separated us from each other, and in a curious way, threatens to separate us from ourselves. We are coming to know how important community is, how we have taken friendships and family for granted, and how distancing has been profoundly diminishing to the soul.

Jesus calls us to Himself

Nevertheless this Easter let me remind you that Jesus calls us to Himself – He keeps inviting us to His table to reveal our profound value to Him – and this says so much more about God than it says about us – even though it says a lot more about us than we can fathom.

Over the last few weeks leading up to Easter I have written posts that speak to the mystery of our worth, and this is discovered in Jesus’ presence.

“Last Supper with 12 Tribes” by Hyatt Moore: “What language would He use to speak to each of these? Their Own.”

It’s not about The Last Supper with Twelve Tribes, it’s about The Next Supper, the one where all the tribes of the Earth will be invited.

Hyatt Moore

No matter how you might be tempted to overly diminish or inflate yourself, you find your true worth in knowing Jesus and being known by Him.

Happy Easter: He is Risen – He is Risen Indeed!

Listen to Hyatt Moore describe the Inspiration: