On this the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, we take a moment before Christmas day to reflect on the reality that “everyday somewhere in the world the nativity scene is [still] alive.”

I remember seven years ago when our church family welcomed in a refugee family from Syria. Harassed and helpless, beleaguered and embattled, they would soon begin to flourish, and more, they have would become our friends. Just weeks ago, we were privileged to be part of their citizenship ceremony.

But this year in particular with the insufferable invasion and constant bombardment of Ukraine along with so many other conflicts that go unnoticed by the West, I wonder as I wander… must this nativity scene be replayed over and over again? Displaced by outrageous misfortune; wounded or killed by intention or random strikes, we consider to what extent we are our brothers’ keepers.

To read the original nativity story, see “Good News of Great Joy.”

This is more enigma than dogma