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Mohamed Labidi, vice-president of the Quebec City mosque attacked a day before, is comforted by Quebec premier Philippe Couillard, left, and Quebec City mayor Regis Labeaume, right, during a news conference on January 30, 2017. Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press via AP

Like touching a hot stove, Canada reacts to the recent act of terrorism rained upon unsuspecting, peaceful, and praying Muslims in a Quebec City Mosque. It is a little too self-congratulatory to talk about how this shooting is “un-Canadian”. Right now there is mourning and consoling to do with our Muslim neighbours and ourselves.

Unfortunately there is always someone with an angle

In comes Neil MacDonald, a CBC opinion columnist with, “Simple truth is Canada’s mass shooters are usually white and Canadian-born.” He is careful to limit his “research” to shooters (since other acts of terror in Canada, such as the Air India bombing, doesn’t fit into his rubric).

Of course he is correct to point out that Canadian terrorists are mostly homegrown. However he is journalistically reckless when he suggests some shooters on his list were “christian”. I am surprised that he didn’t slip over another line – and make the truly politically incorrect suggestion that most of the terrorist acts have been in the province of Quebec. No fair-minded Canadian would dare insinuate that Quebecers are terrorists, despite Macdonald’s loose “research.” Besides, while the nation mourns, Quebec feels the weight of this most sorely.

This Oxymoron is Thoroughly Self-Contradictory

It is one thing to point out that two of the shooters on Macdonald’s list had been brought up in Christian homes; it is an entirely different implication to insinuate they committed terror for Christian purposes (sic) – hence – making their murders, acts of Christian terror.

We have yet to hear if this shooter broke into the Mosque professing to kill “in the name of Christ” – since no other shooter in Macdonald’s list managed to make the claim that they were killing based on their faith in Christ. But even if, God forbid, this shooter did, we would be quick to see this in clear contradiction to Jesus’ teaching and example. Though some liberal media fail to recognize this, even fair-minded Muslims know it. The reason “christian terrorist” can be so easily dismissed as an oxymoron is because it is so thoroughly self-contradictory.

The Problem of False Equivalencies

I am not entirely sure why Macdonald and others (as social media sprouts with anti-Christian rhetoric) want to make this kind of claim in the shadow of this act of terrorism. Even Bill Maher – a comedian/social commentator with whom I have little agreement – recognizes the false equivalence between Islamic inspired terrorism and so-called “christian” terrorists.

The case of Robert Dear who killed three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in November 2015, is one that some point to as a case exemplar of “christian terrorism.” Dan Abbett makes this comment:

“There is no comparison between one man whose zealous anti-abortion beliefs drove him to murder, and a theological ideology who declare death to all who do not conform to strict adherence to that ideology.

I defy those who see moral equivalence, to balance the murder of three with the barbaric slaughter of hundreds of thousands in the name of Islam. What is baffling to an exasperating degree is that the left will refuse to recognize that disparity.”

Caught in the Crossfire

Now our nation, still with the “vestiges of Christianity” (as William Willimon puts it), goes into national mourning, lowers her flags to half mast, and grieves the death of Muslims with our Muslim neighbours.

Many Muslims in Canada today came here, as my family did, wanting something better for their children. Many now come to escape the very places where they are caught in the crossfire, and where Christians are being genocided without a peep from those governments, or a protest from ours.

For an Arabic point of view, see “What Arab Church Leaders Think of Trump Prioritizing Persecuted Christian Refugees.”

It is Ironic…

It is ironic that some Canadians propagate anti-Christian rhetoric in a nation where the majority of refugees are being sponsored by… Christians. Churches across this nation, like the one to which I belong, compassionately and generously sponsor Syrian (Muslim) refugees without fanfare or a hidden agenda to convert – all this to the baffling under-awareness of a liberal media (like Neil MacDonald) who continually slag Christians for holding different moral positions than they.

Clearly this is more enigma than dogma…

For more, see “A Psalm for the Refugee Crisis in America.”