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AP Photo/Matt Sayles

From the Epicentre of the Sexual Revolution

The very epicentre of the sexual revolution is now convulsing with its own sexual revolt.  Meanwhile Hollywood continues to churn out hyper-sexualized movies & media, resist pay equity, harbour hipster racial discrimination, and theatrically create the illusion that #timesup for sexual abusers, while only recently wanting society to be less sexually invasive.

Is the irony lost only on this industry as they celebrate one self-congratulatory awards ceremony after another?

Who can argue with Oprah?

Oprah, the cultural leader-at-large, became the epitome the 2018 awards parade by sharing her own heroic pathway from poverty to princess-ship in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards.  And who can argue with that; who can argue with Oprah?

Oprah’s personal story is a stirring tribute to the American dream, and her remarkable professional achievements are undeniable. As others observed, her speech seemed properly calibrated to the “#MeToo” moment, in a way that didn’t come off as obnoxiously self-righteous or hypocritical.  Based on many of the instant reviews, her statement was something of a departure from the nauseating self-congratulation and heroic posturing of the overall event. This juxtaposition seems fitting:

Winfrey focused on what was actually important about the widespread allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that bubbled to the surface late last year — addressing young girls directly, paying tribute to victims and advocates who’ve sought justice in the past, and warning that a culture of toxic entitlement among powerful men (ahem) is ending.

Guy Benson, The Town Hall

Has the Revolt actually Begun?

The only problem is that the sexual-revolution-gone-mad is largely energized by the entertainment industry who feigns surprise and disgust that the revolution would negatively affect (gasp) them?! Bring on the revolt – a revolt overdue and well-needed; #MeToo and #timesup are wonderful soundbite hashtags, but as any reasonable person should expect… after this Hollywood fad has ended, will the culture have undergone, as Frances McDormand said, “a tectonic shift“?

Meanwhile, as Oprah alludes, the real revolt occurs among the ordinary and un-entitled (namely, those not included in the entertainment industry among others) who still strive to live an ethical, even moral life un-compromised by the imaginations of a culture factory that stains virtually everything it touches.

So forgive me if I remain unimpressed with the entertainment industry to inform me how to live or what to think. It has long since abdicated itself to be underwhelming by virtue of its overindulgence. In contrast, Jonathan Grant writes:

In a world where sex and love have been devalued through hyperinflation, faithful relationships may be the only hard currency left…

… Sexual and emotional intimacy can come to their fullest expression only within the trust and security of a permanent covenant between two people. And we can create this sort of environment only if we become the sort of people who can make and keep promises.

From, “Divine Sex: A Compelling Vision for Christian Relationships in a Hypersexualized Age.” Jonathan Grant.

What a novel idea: becoming the sort of people who can make and keep promises. Who does that anymore?

God is not a man that He should lie…  Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?     Numbers 23:19

From the Sexual Revolution to a Spiritual Revolution

We live in a “disenchanted” earth, writes Jonathan Grant, “a morally neutral sphere on which we walk unconnected to and unencumbered by others” (or so we think). Perhaps the modern-day revolt should be against the disenchantment of our contemporary disconnection – toward the “re-enchantment” with the One who made us for Himself.

This is the time for a spiritual revolution.

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