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With an extra day in 2020 – time to check your resting heart rate.

2020 is a “leap year” – meaning that every four years we have one extra day – February 29. With this in mind, MacLean’s asked various famous Canadians, “what would you do with an extra day?”

Letting the Field be Fallow

Matt Galloway who hosts CBC’s “The Current” responded:

“I read this thing in the summer that I keep going back to. It was a piece in the New York Times:

You’re doing something important when you aren’t doing anything.

It’s about this idea of a field being fallow… it’s not about not doing anything. It’s about the idea that if you’re doing things that are spontaneous or not prescribed, you’re doing lots.”

Galloway said this meant something to him as a person who works in a situation where his show is measured in seconds. “I’m super blessed and I love the life that I have. But you just wonder what it would be like to not have the box around you. To just step out of it for a day…”

A Day Off Social Media

In the theme of resting, Cristine Rotenberg, YouTuber with nearly 7 million subscribers said this:

I would spend the day off social media. That’s one thing I haven’t done since I stumbled into being an internet personality.

She said since she started her channel in 2014, she didn’t think there’s been a single day that she wasn’t on social media as she increasingly lives her life with her audience in mind.

Now I open my socials when I wake up and keep them open pretty much all day. At this point, being online isn’t about occupying my own boredom but feeling the need to occupy other people’s boredom. Now I log in because it’s part of my identity.

Sounds as if she’d like to know the joy of missing out.

What will you do with your extra day?

With this extra day in 2020, start with checking your resting heart rate. Be encouraged to do, or not do whatsoever will cause your heart to rest. See if you can find yourself in the company of the One who made you for Himself.

Remember: you don’t have to wait every four years for that!

For more on resting see “Time and Timelessness.