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Written and directed by Meena Ayittey (represented globally by Great Guns), the film is based on an original idea from the creative team Christopher Medford and Bethany Jones from independent creative company, Mother. In two and half minutes Ayittey effectively communicates how smalls slights, micro-aggressions, and racist preferences add up.

All The Little Things follows Adae a young Black creative in an advertising agency; we begin to see how a series of interactions threaten to bring buried tensions and fresh resentments to a boiling point. For anyone who has lived with privilege, or who are unaccustomed with “all the little things” that work against people of colour, this short film might provide a small window into the daily experiences of people who endure the little indignities of exclusion, misunderstanding, or willful ignorance.

Now multiply this for a province, a people group, a nation, a culture, a planet.

The Questions of Personhood

Do you notice how the conflicts are affecting you?

How has your attitudes about Russians changed, for example (insert any nation you want, and check your biases).

Or how about if you have been pro-Covid health measures, or against these measures – have you noticed what you think about people on the other side of your position – people on the other side of your nation?

What does it mean to be a person? – when you devalue the worth of another’s personhood?

What does it mean to have, to receive, and to decipher the mystery of our worth?

Thanks to Tim Neubauer who shared “All the Little Things” (LinkedIn).

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