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When you’ve come to the end of your dock, you may want to be reminded of the mystery of your worth.

Those living with mental illness don’t need someone to tell them how to die; they need someone to tell them to stay.

When I have written about Medical Assistance in Dying, or Physician-Assisted SuicideI have wanted to have us question if this is really what we want our society to become: a dementing and euthanizing culture.

With the recent Senate amendments to Bill C7, it can be soon possible for people suffering mental illness such as depression to be medically euthanized rather than medically cared for.

If you’ve read my posts over the years, you will know that I am strictly non-partisan, so I am cautious as I quote Conservative MP Garnett Genuis (I quote him cautiously not because he is Conservative, but because he is a politician). Genuis states:

“Legal and medical experts are deeply concerned that permitting Canadians suffering from depression and other mental illnesses to access euthanasia would undermine suicide prevention efforts…

Instead of investing in treatment and recovery for those struggling with mental illness, the Government is seeking to expand assisted suicide to them. 

On February 23rd the… Government endorsed a Senate amendment to Bill C-7 that would allow Canadians with mental illness as their sole medical condition to access euthanasia. This expansion would automatically come into effect two years after Bill C-7 becomes law.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) stated, ‘As a recovery-oriented organization, CMHA does not believe that mental illnesses are irremediable’.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians between the age of 10 and 19. What message are we sending, particularly to the young and the elderly, struggling with suicidal ideation if we allow assisted suicide to be normalized as a way out?”

While there are some who actually advocate for the mentally ill to be included in medically assisted death (Graeme Bayliss), there are survivors of depression and attempted suicide who are begging politicians to reject this amendment and ensure that those with mental illness are protected from assisted suicide such as depression/suicide survivor Garifalia (Lia) Milousis:

I’m the future version of myself who survived to tell you this

Is this the Society we want?

Is this the people we are becoming as we settle for assisted suicide instead of authentic healthcare?

Those living with mental illness don’t need someone to tell them how to die; they need someone to tell them to stay.

We are increasingly living in a care deficit society, and while no one wants to “suffer” it does not mean that we should be so quick to kill off, or let be killed off those who are mentally ill and aged (note: “The Sunset Clause“, or “Is Age a Terminal Condition“).

For more see: “Physician Assisted Suicide“.

See Gabrielle Peter’s article: “Taking MAiD too far.”

The Enigma of our Worth

This topic speaks more to the enigma of our worth than to the current dogma of transactional value and living a self-referenced life. As you suffer (for we all do and we all will), may you suffer in community surrounded by loved ones who care for you till the last breath – rather than to be so diminished as to think your dying will merely relieve pain.

If you don’t know your worth to the One who made you for Himself… then you have sited on the real problem.